Can sleep disorders ever be fixed?

YES! Unlike many other sleep products, the VIVOS appliance can usually offer permanent relief within 12-18 months when
worn as directed.

I have a CPAP (and HATE it!), am I a candidate for VIVOS?

You just might find that the VIVOS system can offer you relief and freedom from your machine.  The only way to know for sure is to give us a call for an evaluation.

Can kids use Vivos?

Yes. Recently VIVOS has been approved for children as young as 2 years of age.

Is there any pain associated with getting tested for VIVOS?

We get asked this a lot…NO…there is NO pain. No needles. No invasive procedures. And the appliance itself is easy to get used to wearing.

How can a retainer-like mouth piece solve so many problems?

We know it sounds like a miracle — and it is for many! When the brain knows that the body is not getting enough oxygen, it begins to systematically shut down “unneeded” resources. In children, it could manifest as bedwetting or development issues. Adults have a myriad of issues that obstructive airways can lead to.  From allergies and irritability to headaches and nightmares.  More and more, medical science is discovering that many of our most destructive health issues can be linked with breathing problems.  Solve the breathing issue and the health issues go away.

Are there any negative reactions to VIVOS?

There are no known negative side effects or reactions to the VIVOS system. Most people adapt quickly and easily but compliance can affect treatment success. The more you wear the appliance, the better — and faster — positive results will occur.

Does insurance cover the VIVOS system?

Currently, we are not filing medical insurance claims for the VIVOS system. You may want to check with your provider. Additionally, if you are an HSA participant, you may be able to pay for your treatment utilizing that coverage.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use VIVOS?

Those with allergies to acrylic may not be a candidate for VIVOS. Also, people with no teeth will not get positive relief or satisfactory results. Since each case is different and each treatment is customized, please talk with us if you have questions or concerns.